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Nov. 28/18. 3 Nuclear Hotseat podcasts: Santa Susana Field Lab/Woolsey Fire Radiation Dangers – Shocking History of Nuke Site Health Damage w/Epidemiologist Joseph Mangano – NH #388 ++ the 2 previous episodes

Nov. 26/18. California Wildfire Likely Spread Nuclear Contamination From Toxic Site Truthout

Nov. 20/18. Smoke Screen - Woolsey Fire Contamination Cover-up Enviro Reporter.com

August 21/18. Nuclear critics pan licence renewal for Pickering The Oshawa Express

June 9/18. Secret report on toxic workplace at Ontario’s fire and emergency agency leads to change — but report remains secret Toronto Star

Feb. 5/18. Are Ontario's nuclear emergency plans dead in the water? NOW Magazine

Dec. 28/17. Ontario's long-awaited new nuclear emergency plan falls short, Greenpeace says. Ontario has updated its plan for dealing with nuclear emergencies for the first time since the 2011 Fukushima disaster

Dec. 13/17. Pickering nuclear exercise takes place day auditor general slams emergency planning

Dec. 12/17. Amherstburg fire chief calling for province to step up assistance for nuclear emergency planning

** NOTE: The Auditor General's report is here. The section on emergency planning is here.

Dec. 7/17. Sarnia mayor weighs in after auditor’s less-than-glowing review of provincial preparedness

Dec. 7/17. Ontario's poor emergency planning a disaster waiting to happen, AG says

Nov. 29/17. Reps from Greenpeace, Canadian Environmental Law Association among experts to speak

Oct. 11/17. Contractors told to ignore risks, lower cost estimates at Darlington nuclear plant, auditors say

June 20/17.  summary of recent media items re: review of Ontario's nuclear emergency plans

June 14/17.  Durham Region provides input on discussion paper about updating Ontario’s nuclear emergency response plan

May 18/17. Media release. Ontario unprepared for nuclear emergency on Great Lakes

May 15/17. Ontario Updating Nuclear Emergency Response Plan

May 18/17.  Gillibrand, Higgins petition Energy Department to rethink N-waste transport

May 15/17. 'Hotspot' found in liquid uranium container at Savannah River Site

May 17.17. A predictable nuclear accident at Hanford

May 10/17. Nuclear Hotseat on the Hanford tunnel collapse

March 21/17. This troubled, covert agency is responsible for trucking nuclear bombs across America each day

March 17/17.  In first, government and Tepco found liable for Fukushima disaster

March 15/17. Fukushima disaster anniversary marked in Durham with rally calling for closure of Pickering nuclear plant

Feb. 23/17. Whistleblowers and the NRC: Do as I say, not as I don’t

Feb. 22/17.  Nuclear safety group overreacted to having 'elephants in the room'  Calling Durham police to public meeting total overkill

Feb. 22/17. First Nations oppose trucking of nuclear material from Ontario to U.S. site

Feb. 16/17.  Sarnia mayor worries nuclear waste could travel through city

Feb. 15/17. Toxic Liquid Nuclear Waste Headed for US Roadways

Feb. 15/17. 'Elephants' not wanted at public meeting on nuclear safety

Feb. 11/17. Dene People in Northern Saskatchewan Are Resisting Uranium and Tar Sands Mining

Feb. 10/17. Ontario Shouldn’t Abandon its Shift to Renewable Energy

Feb. 4/17. No, radiation levels at Fukushima Daiichi are not rising

Feb. 3/17. Fukushima nuclear reactor radiation at highest level since 2011 meltdown

Feb. 1/17. A Slap In The Face – Ontario Power Generation’s CEO Up For Massive Raise

Dec. 17.16. Lethal legacy: Peterborough’s toxic past

Dec. 14/16. Ontario Clean Air Alliance, residents ask council to support immediate shutdown of Pickering nuclear station

Dec. 12/16.  It’s Finally Here: Radioactive Plume From Fukushima Makes Landfall on America’s West Coast

Dec. 5/16.  Pentagon buries evidence of $125 billion in bureaucratic waste

Oct. 31/16. Group wants Pickering nuclear station closed

Oct. 19/16. Activists: Nuclear safety, intensification don’t mesh

Oct. 13/16. Critics accuse nuclear safety official of acting as industry cheerleader

Oct. 4/16. Nuclear power plant safety inspections hit and miss, watchdog says

Oct. 3/16. Nuclear Waste Shipments Delayed

Sept. 19/16. Risk of another Chernobyl or Fukushima type accident plausible, experts say

Aug. 18/16. Canadian nuclear boss jokes about whistleblowers and muzzles environmentalist

Aug. 11/16. Nuclear power plant? Or storage dump for hot radioactive waste?

July 18/16. Letter claims info on nuclear risks withheld from safety commissioners

June 24/16. Nuclear energy: Burlington Chamber tells of multimillion-dollar nuclear projects

June 22/16. Make Toronto a nuke-free zone

May 30/16. Ontario's misguided love affair with nuclear power

May 26/16. Report: U.S. Nuclear System Relies on Outdated Technology Such as Floppy Disks

May 24/16. Spent fuel fire on U.S. soil could dwarf impact of Fukushima

May 20/16. Pickering nuke plant extension to cost $307M, may prove 'uneconomical': OPG

May 19/16. $375 M settlement reached in homeowner lawsuit against Rocky Flats

May 18/16. The nuclear waste site at the heart of Canada'a wildfires

April 26/16. Hanford, not Fukushima, is the Big Radiological Threat to the West Coast

April 22/16. Ukraine Children Eat Food Tainted by Chornobyl Radiation (many Chernobyl 30th anniversary links here)

April 17/16.  Exiled scientist: 'Chernobyl is not finished, it has only just begun'

March 11/16. 5 years since Fukushima accident began. TONS of links here.

March 8/16. Groups urge Trudeau to fix Canada's nuclear law and oversight

March 7/16. Colleges and universities refuse to stock anti-radiation pills

March 3/16. Large Coalition Of Canadian & U.S. Groups Around Great Lakes Call For Designation Of Radionnuclides As A “Chemical Of Mutual Concern”

March 2/16. Nuclear Activity Threatening Great Lakes

Feb. 26/16. Dealing with nuclear waste is so difficult that phasing out nuclear power would be the best option

Feb. 18/16. Deep Geologic Repository Project — Ministerial Request for Additional Information

Feb. 11/16. Group Opposing Plan for Nuclear Waste hope to sway pm with his own words [article contains link to powerful 2-minute video listing the wide-ranging # of dump opponents; a truly startling # of opponents from various spheres of U.S. & Canadian society]

Jan. 27/16. Scientist calls $12.8B rebuild of Ontario nuclear plant ill-advised

Canadian Nuclear Safety Commission gives OPG a 10-year licence for Darlington NGS & Pickering will run to 2024

From CNSC on Jan. 11/16: "Today, the Government of Ontario announced that it will move forward with the refurbishment of Darlington’s four nuclear units located in the municipality of Clarington, on the north shore of Lake Ontario. As Canada’s nuclear regulator, the Canadian Nuclear Safety Commission (CNSC) oversees all aspects of refurbishment projects to make sure that it is all done safely. Ontario Power Generation’s (OPG) current operating licence, valid from January 1, 2016 until November 30, 2025, authorizes OPG to undertake the refurbishment and life extension of the four reactor units comprising the Darlington Nuclear Generating Station (Darlington NGS). At the request of the Commission, OPG will provide updates on the status of the refurbishment project following the return to service of each reactor unit. CNSC staff will provide updates on the performance of Darlington Nuclear Generating Station and the status of the refurbishment project, as part of the CNSC’s annual Regulatory Oversight Report for Canadian Nuclear Power Plants. CNSC staff and OPG present these updates at public proceedings of the Commission.

Ontario has also approved OPG’s plan to pursue continued operation of the Pickering Generating Station to 2024. Pickering’s current operating licence, which expires in 2018, does not permit any refurbishment activities. As part of the licensing process to extend operation to 2024, the licensee must submit an application for this work, which would be considered at a public Commission proceeding.

The CNSC regulates the use of nuclear energy and materials to protect health, safety and security of Canadians and the environment; to implement Canada’s international commitments on the peaceful use of nuclear energy; and to disseminate objective scientific, technical and regulatory information to the public.

Read the Government of Ontario’s announcement: Read OPG’s announcement:

Learn more about how the CNSC regulates refurbishment projects: ****   END OF CNSC Message  ***

News Item about the above

** Jan. 12/16 [1 day later!]:  CNSC fines OPG $31,690.

from the CNSC statement: "On two occasions, OPG made unilateral decisions to cease corrective actions necessary for compliance with conditions of their Power Reactor Operating Licence for Pickering Nuclear Generating Station without notifying the CNSC. If not corrected, this behavior could in the future result in unreasonable risks to national security, the health and safety of persons and the environment. This AMP is issued to OPG to promote compliance with conditions of their licence and to deter reoccurrence."  Read the notice of violation (PDF)

Other News Items:

Jan. 5/16. Is Toronto Ready for a Radiation Emergency?

Jan. 4/16. Queen’s Park moves to silence dissent on electricity

Dec. 9/15. Activists challenge Ontario's 10-kilometre radius for anti-radiation pills

Dec. 3/15. Bruce Power to invest $13 billion to refurbish nuclear station on Lake Huron

Dec. 1/15. Toronto politicians to discuss emergency response for nuclear power plants

Nov. 16, 2015 Letters to the Editor of the Toronto Star

Nov. 12/15. Nuclear hearing considers long licence for OPG Darlington

Nov. 11/15. Durham Region asks Province to expand nuclear evacuation zones

Nov. 10/15. East end given iodine pills as nuclear disaster precaution. 200,000 GTA homes and businesses have just received pills to protect them from radiation

Nov. 10/15.  After Pickering, Scarborough: residents receive nuclear disaster pills

Nov. 8/15.  'Million Cancer Deaths From Fukushima Expected in Japan,’ New Report Reveals

Nov. 4/15.   Running out of nuclear options

Nov. 2/15.  Durham homes receive nuclear emergency potassium iodine pills. KI pills would be taken after radioactive leak from nuclear station

Oct. 27/15.  Anti-nuclear group distributes Fukushima book to Durham council. Durham Nuclear Awareness reminds councillors accidents can happen, best to be prepared


Nov. 3/14. Ontario & Power: How to spend billions of dollars

Oct.30/14. Keep Darlington costs down, or lights out: Chiarelli

July 9/14. Ontarians have no excuse for being naive about nuclear