Nuke Emergency Plan Review: Tsunami of Media Items

There has been a very considerable amount of media coverage related to the review of Ontario’s nuclear emergency plans currently underway. The previous posting on this site has information about the review, including a link to a very helpful Q & A on the topic. Here is a list of the coverage, with the most recent items up top.

July 4: Brockton Wants Improved Nuclear Response Bayshore Broadcasting

June 30: One grandma’s wisdom for fighting the nuclear industry Greenpeace

June 21: More time to deal with nuclear response changes, region says   Oshawa Express

June 14: Durham Region provides input on discussion paper about updating Ontario’s nuclear emergency response plan      Durham Radio News


June 12th Press Conference on risks related to Fermi 2 (U.S. nuclear plant on Lake Ontario in Michigan)

Press Release: Nuclear Disaster Threat to Windsor Essex Overlooked by Province

Windsor Star: Ontario ill-prepared for nuclear accident, environmentalists say    

CTV web story: Groups Raise Alarm about Lack of Protection in Event of Nuclear Disaster

CBC Story: Province not prepared for nuclear disaster in southern Ontario, say safety advocates

Blackburn News interviewing Fire Chief: Amherstburg Needs Provincial Help To Deal With Nuclear Disaster

CKLW AM 800: Amherstburg Gains New Partners For Development of Nuclear Disaster Plan

Radio-Canada, en francais:  L’Ontario est mal préparée en cas d’accident nucléaire, affirment des groupes environnementaux 

Radio-Canada Windsor video clip

Amherstburg River Town Times: Town wanting strengthened nuclear protection, gets allies in process

June 6th Press conference on nuclear risks to Durham Region

Press Release: Nuclear disaster plans overlook Durham’s unique challenges

Facebook post of the CTV story

Durham Radio story: Environmental groups calling on province to upgrade nuclear emergency response plan

Metroland, June 10th: Durham wants more time to comment on nuclear response plan

Metroland, June 8th: Enviro groups concerned about nuclear safety plan in Durham


May 18th Press Conference Queen’s Park

Press Conference Video 

Press Release:     Ontario Unprepared for Nuclear Emergency on Great Lakes

May 19, 2017:  Motherboard (Vice)   Canada’s Nuclear Province Isn’t Ready for Its Fukushima, Critics Say

May 19   Torontovka (Russian website): План действий при ядерной аварии в Онтарио признали неэффективным

May 18:  CTV News Ontario nuclear emergency plan inadequate, environmental groups say

May 18  London Free Press (CP):  Ontario's proposed plan for nuclear plant emergencies ripped

May 18 Sault Online:  Ontario unprepared for nuclear emergency on Great Lakes

May 18 Toronto Star:  Nuclear emergency plans lacking in Ontario, groups allege

Queen's Park Briefing: Seen: Nuclear emergency plan panned by public interest groups,

Global News:  Ontario Unprepared for Large Scale Nuclear Disaster


Oshawa Express, May 31st:   Disaster plans miss the mark

Radio-Canada: L’Ontario prêt en cas d’accident nucléaire?


** Quotations about the causes of the Fukushima Daiichi nuclear disaster