Pickering Hearing - May 29/30/31

#1 - Pickering Licence Extension OPG (Ontario Power Generation) wants to push the Pickering reactors beyond their 210,000-hour design life.

This could have disastrous consequences for the people of Durham Region (& Toronto!).

Further afield also, since the plant sits on Lake Ontario, the source of drinking water for 40 million people, many of whom live on the U.S. side of the border.

Hearing coming up May 29/30/31st (in Pickering).

Great submissions here if you would like to hear what some of those who oppose OPG's plans have to say:

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Regarding the OPG proposal to run the Pickering reactors beyond their planned design life, it seems the CEO of Hydro Québec did not consider it appropriate or “safe” to run Quebec’s reactors past their 210,000-hour shelf life. He is quoted as having said: “You’ve talked a lot about safety issues, but I can tell you that Hydro-Québec’s management in no way would have considered to go beyond 210,000 hours even if it had been possible according to the design. I would no more operate Gentilly-2 beyond 210,000 hours than I would climb onto an airplane that does not have its permits and that does not meet the standards. So, it is out of question to put anyone, i.e., us, the workers, the public, and the company, in a situation of risk in the nuclear realm.” (Thierry Vandal, CEO of Hydro-Québec, January 2013.)

(Yet it's somehow acceptable to do this to Ontarians? With no safety reports on the table?)

And this: Toshimitsu Homma, a member of the Japanese delegation of the Japan Atomic Energy Agency, said at a recent (April 2013) IAEA conference held in Ottawa, that the most notable lesson from the Fukushima disaster is that, before the accident, "there was an implicit assumption that such a severe accident could not happen." He added that, therefore, insufficient attention was paid to such a severe ‪nuclear accident by authorities before it happened.

Of course we are in exactly the same situation here, now!


Latest podcast on Fairewinds site -- of interest re: the upcoming Pickering hearing. ** only 22 minutes long

Podcast here

Gundersen is presenting for Durham Nuclear Awareness, & in this chat with Dr. Gordon Edwards, a # of important topics are covered. As we all know, nuclear energy is very complex.

There is much that "average people" find too technical or difficult to understand (the nuclear industry seems pretty intent on having "the average Jane" feel too stupid, I think).

Gundersen & Dr. Edwards do some very useful de-mystifying. They agree 100%: Pickering needs to be shut down ASAP -- no license extension!

Please consider listening to the podcast -- it's important! People in Durham Region & Toronto (& all over Ontario, and down south of us, in the U.S.) are all down or up-wind & up or down lake, whether we like it or not.

# 3 -- Brand-new "Nuclear Hotspots Map" has just been released!

Nuclear Awareness Project did the first one, in 1990/91. Now it has been updated & is on the Great Lakes United Web site.

It is a very sobering map to contemplate.

& to contemplate where the nuclear industry is planning to bury dangerous nuclear wastes.

Take a look!!

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