Nuclear Health? Pssst... Well-kept secret deal

If you live in Durham Region (east of Toronto, Ontario, & home to the Pickering & Darlington Nuclear Generating Stations), you may have wondered why no one ever seems to talk about the health impacts of the two huge nuclear complexes (10 reactors) in your midst. Actually, if you live anywhere with a nuclear plant in the area, you may wonder at the deep silence of local “health authorities” when it comes to this important topic. (See maps here, here & here for locations of Canadian/U.S. reactor sites.)

Wonder no more! :)

All is explained in this episode of ‘Nuclear Hotseat.’

Alison Katz, a former 18-year employee of the World Health Organization (WHO) lays it all out in a fascinating interview with Nuclear Hotseat host Libbe HaLevy.

From the Hotseat site: Alison Katz is a sociologist and psychologist who worked inside the World Health Organization (WHO) for 18 years.  Now a leader within Independent WHO, an organization dedicated to revealing the lies and coverups perpetrated by WHO, Alison dissects the history, politics and manipulations of the United Nations agency we’re supposed to be able to trust to safeguard the world’s health – especially in nuclear matters.  Special focus on Chernobyl and how the WHO worked to diminish our awareness of this nuclear disaster’s true impact on the world’s health.  This is a Nuclear Hotseat Exclusive and an Encore Presentation.  (Originally broadcast on September 17, 2013.)


  • The 1959 deal between IAEA (the International Atomic Energy Association) – the global nuclear “regulator” (that is also a nuclear energy promoter) and WHO (World Health Organization). A deal that effectively shut down any research by the global health body into radiation’s health impacts. (See the agreement for yourself here WHO IAEA DEAL.)

  • What the term “nuclear establishment” means. (Hint: it means more than just nuclear industry. It may come as a surprise to learn how deeply entrenched this industry’s tentacles are in governments at all levels; not just the immediately obvious & visible. To understand this scene, one must get a grasp on the word “collusion,” & recognize its global nature).

  • How/why it is that WHO actually has ZERO expertise in matters of nuclear health impacts. (Ask yourself this: if the world's global health organization has zero knowledge, how or why would our federal, provincial, regional or municipal agencies be any different??)

  • An 8-year vigil outside WHO’s global headquarters in Geneva, Switzerland by the group Independent WHO.

  • The outrageous minimization (outright lies; my phrase!) about the true nature of the health impacts of the 1986 Chernobyl nuclear disaster.

  • Genetic effects – which increase with succeeding generations.


Brevity is good! There is so very much more that could be said, but let's leave it here.

I do highly recommend listening to this interview, especially if you have concerns or questions about the health impacts of the use of nuclear energy, & a curiosity about the silence of our health organizations.

Below is a list of some other resources you might wish to consult. No need to pursue them all! Any single one on its own will no doubt provide some surprises/insights.