SNC Lavalin Affair. Media Item Collection

This is not meant to be an exhaustive collection. It consists mostly of non-mainstream media items that go into greater depth than the mainstream pieces one sees.

Topmost is the most recent. The collection begins at the bottom of the list, with an interview that took place in 2012.

**** For the record, I know I won’t be able to keep up with it all…

Wilson-Raybould to send evidence to justice committee <March 22/19>

The Liberals can’t shut down what they don’t controlAndrew MacDougall: The PM needs to realize the SNC-Lavalin scandal isn’t going anywhere—not with two former ministers who refuse to play by the old rules <Maclean’s, March 22/19>

Anne McLellan’s appointment: one more bumbling bid to bury the SNC-Lavalin affair <Maclean’s, March 22/19>

Jane Philpott: ‘There’s much more to the story that needs to be told’ <Maclean’s interview, March 21/19>

SNC Lavalin CEO disputes PM’s story on SNC Lavalin <Short CTV interview, March ??/19>

Background on SNC Lavalin - March 19/19. <CCNR Site>

Michael Wernick to step down as clerk of Privy Council, cites lack of 'mutual trust' with opposition CBC News <March 18/19>

Dr. Gordon Edward’s interview about SNC-Lavalin on CKUT (Radio McGill). March 2019

SNC-Lavalin controversy reaches into Manitoba <March 14/19>

Canada’s SNC-Lavalin Affair: The Site C Dam Project and Bulk Water Export <March 13/19>

OECD announces it is monitoring SNC-Lavalin scandal, raising prospect Canada has violated international anti-bribery agreement <March 11/19>

Hot Garbage Grifters: SNC-Lavalin’s Plan to Turn Nuclear Waste into Long-Term Gold <March 10/19>

The hidden key to the SNC-Lavalin scandal <March 8/19>

Democracy Watch urges Commissioner Dion to delegate investigation to a provincial ethics commissioner <March 6/19>

The Deep State - The Trudeau Government, Lobbyists and the Legalization of Corruption in Canada <March 6/19>

Redeemable? SNC-Lavalin’s Criminal Record. And why mega-project construction so often breeds corruption <Feb. 22/19>

What you need to know about the SNC-Lavalin affair CBC <Feb. 13/19>

SNC-Lavalin should be barred from federal contracts: Angus CBC <Feb. 3/19>

Canada now dominates World Bank corruption list, thanks to SNC-Lavalin Financial Post <Sept. 18, 2013>

Interview about SNC-Lavalin with Dr. Gordon Edwards on Radio Canada International (RCI) <2012>