Small Modular Reactors. SMRs.

The nuclear industry always has another scheme up its sleeve! They never solve the gargantuan problem of safely storing the insanely long-lived, extraordinarily toxic wastes their dirty industry has been busily creating for the past 70+ years.

“30 years after passage of the Nuclear Waste Policy Act, 37 years after the repository search began, 55 years into commercial nuclear power, and 70 years after Fermi first split the atom during the Manhattan Project, the U.S. still has no safe, sound, permanent storage plan for high-level nuclear wastes.” – Kevin Kamps from Beyond Nuclear (in 2012, I think)

** lots of dynamite quotes about nuke waste here

The latest scheme is Small Modular Reactors. SMRs. The claim is that these will help deal with climate issues.

As if!

What’s closer to the truth is, the industry wants to ensure that those lovely, fat paycheques (supplied by generous government, that is to say, taxpayer-funded subsidies) keep rolling in.

Keep those nuclear engineers employed! (& deflect attention away from other serious nuclear issues. Such as waste. Leaks. Corruption. War. Weapons. Etc.)

This posting is mostly a collection of some links you can pursue to get a more critical take on SMRs than anything you’ll hear from nuclear industry boosters (which includes Canada’s federal government, unfortunately. You can check out the recently-released SMR “Road Map” here. Note: it takes a while to download.)

Smokescreen Animation (2016): “The Fairewinds Crew created this special 2-minute animation to show you why building new nukes is a lost opportunity for humankind with precious time and money wasted on the wrong choice. At least $8.2 Trillion would be needed to build the 1,000 atomic reactors the nuclear industry wants – that’s 1 reactor every 12-days for 35-years. Watch the animation to see what it means and why!” (Note: Various additional resources can be found at this Smokescreen link.)

For the links below, note that they are listed chronologically, by date, with the topmost the most recent.

Small Modular Reactors not commercially viable, but nuclear companies want the government handouts (Nov. 8/18)

Are Thousands of New Nuclear Generators in Canada’s Future? (Nov. 7/18)

Bruce Power Joins Northern Ontario Research Group (April 2018)

Interest in Small Modular Nuclear Reactors Is Growing. So Are Fears They Aren’t Viable (March 2018)

Small Modular Reactors for Nuclear Power: Hope or Mirage? (February 21, 2018)

UK accounting firm found that Small Modular Nuclear Reactors would not be cost-effective (Nov. 8/17)

Small Modular Reactors: The Nuclear Industry's Latest Pipe Dream (04. 11. 2017. Now, does that mean April 11, 2017, or November 4, 2017? I believe it is the latter.)

Nuclear Energy Startup Transatomic Backtracks on Key Promises (Feb. 2017): “The company, backed by Peter Thiel’s Founders Fund, revised inflated assertions about its advanced reactor design after growing concerns prompted an MIT review.”

Sierra Club (U.S.) Fact Sheet on Small Modular Reactors (or ‘Squandering Money and Resources’). (2017)

Why New Nuclear Technology Hurts the Case for Renewables (2014)

Nuclear Roulette - The Case Against a "Nuclear Renaissance" (June 2011)

Greenpeace Note on SMRs (Undated)

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